Verification of identity (VOI)

When listing a property for sale you will be asked to provide documentation to the real estate agent so they can be sure they are dealing with the person who owns the property.  Once the property is sold we also need to identify you as part of the settlement process.  Please refer below with regards to the documentation you are required to produce.
Documents signed within Australia
If you are an Australian Citizen or Resident you must produce your original identity documents to your Conveyancer.  Such documents include an Australian Passport, Driver’s licence, original birth certificate; photo card and Medicare card.
If you are not an Australian Citizen or Resident your foreign passport and some other form of government issued photographic identity document will suffice.  Likewise a foreign full birth certificate (not extract) and any other government issued identity document will meet the criteria.  If your birth certificate is not written in English you will be required to produce a translated version in addition to the original birth certificate.
Documents signed outside of Australia
If you are signing documents outside of Australia, you will be required to visit an Australian Embassy with your original identity documents referred to above.  You will need to have your Verification of Identity completed by a Consular Officer which involves a face to face interview with the Consular Officer who must certify copies of the identity documents.  The Consular Officer must also witness your signature on the documents you are required to sign.
You must return the certified copies of the identity documents to your Conveyancer together with the original signed documentation.
These rules apply to all individuals including Directors of Companies, Powers of Attorney and Executors.