Why Haskins?

As we all know, if the conveyancer does a great job, this reflects positively on the Agent, Banker or Broker that made the referral.  Why not refer a client to Haskins Settlements and sit back and witness the exceptional service we provide.
We specialise in all areas of real estate conveyancing and pride ourselves on being able to understand the needs of our clients from the very nervous first home owner to the very experienced but very demanding developer. Every client receives first class settlement services, tailored to their individual needs.
In addition to providing our clients with sensational service we also aim to educate our clients and those involved in the real estate profession regarding matters that affect them. This is the aim of this website, to keep you informed. Put our website on your favourites and monitor our Blog, that way as soon as we become aware of any changes that may impact on you or your clients we can let you know and you can share this information with others. 
Our website contains a huge amount of information which we hope you and your clients will find useful. We suggest you also check out the following pages for more information and advice: 
If your specific query is not covered on our website or you wish to obtain a complete written quote for a client, please contact us.
Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our colleagues, Agents and others have said about Haskins:
  • Remy– Always a pleasure to deal with you
  • Reagan – you are the only one I would refer my clients to + There ain’t no chick out there that has the knowledge and experience that you do. You are held in high regard in the industry.
  • Shaunagh - Real Estate admin - Was wonderful working with you.  It’s nice at our end when it goes so smoothly
  • Ryan – Finance broker - Great job Valerie – it’s a pleasure working with you again.
  • Adrian – Real Estate Agent -  I wanted to acknowledge and congratulate you on your excellent work in helping pull and keep this deal together.  You went well beyond your responsibilities, so thank you very much. Well done
  • Jonathan – REA - It was a pleasure working with you.
  • Joe - builder Thank you so much Valerie. You’ve done a stack of work with this one, well done, you are a champion at this. 
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