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Haskins Settlements and Conveyancing Services commenced business on the 1st November 1986.  We specialise in all areas of property conveyancing and pride ourselves on providing a professional, personalised and prompt service to all clients. 
Frederick Sawyer is quoted as saying “A Contract is an agreement that is binding on the weaker party”. By nominating Haskins Settlements as your conveyancer you can be sure that we will look after your best interests at all times and ensure that you are not the “weaker party”.
If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and requirements and to obtain a no obligation, free written quote which can be emailed, faxed or posted to you.
Haskins n:
Hard working, 
Always available, 
Specialised in all areas of conveyancing, 
Knowledgeable and experienced, 
Industry Leaders, 
Nice people, 
Superior service 
(Valerie’s creative mind)
Settlements n: the act or process of settling or of settling something
(Penguin English Dictionary)
Conveyancer n:  a person who prepares documents by which rights to property are transferred
(Penguin English Dictionary) also known as a Settlement Agent 
Settlement Agent n: Conveyancer
Meet Valerie Haskins
Valerie commenced in conveyancing in March 1977 with Justin Seward Pty Ltd before opening Haskins Settlements in November 1986.  She has served with distinction for both the Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA from 1995 to 2002 including 3 years as their President and the Settlement Agents Supervisory Board for 15 years until 2010.  She has been a passionate advocate and mentor for her profession and is known for her quick wit and ability to cut to the core of any issue.  With Valerie on your real estate team you too can benefit from her over 40 years of knowledge and expertise.
Email: info@haskins.biz
Meet Alana Abreu
Alana first commenced working with Haskins Settlements in 2003.  In 2007 she completed her Diploma in Financial Services (Conveyancing) and in 2009 she was granted her Real Estate Settlement Agent Licence.  As a result of the GFC Alana left Haskins and obtained employment with another settlement agency and then a law firm before having her first daughter in 2012.  She returned to Haskins in 2014 before welcoming a second daughter in 2015. Alana made a much welcome return to Haskins in 2016. Outside of work Alana is involved with the Valerie Heston School of Dance where she has competed and taught for 31 years.  With Alana on your real estate team you can benefit from her over 15 years’ experience in property conveyancing.  
Meet Steve Radisich
Steve commenced with Haskins Settlements in 1999 after a long and distinguished career in the public service with the Land Titles Office now known as Landgate where he was instrumental in educating conveyancers and lawyers alike.  In 1997 he was awarded the AICWA’s President’s Award for outstanding Service to the Conveyancing profession.   Steve has the very important role of attending our settlements and whilst electronic settlement will see him eventually retire, he will continue to use his many years of experience to resolve any last-minute issues that may arise at Settlement.  He is well known around town, loves a tall tale and a cold beer.