Commercial Property

The licensee of Haskins Settlements, Valerie Haskins, commenced in property conveyancing in March 1977 with Justin Seward & Co. During her 8 ½ years with that Company she gained experience in the very specialised area of commercial property settlements. 
Since 1977 Valerie has gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge in arranging and effecting settlements of commercial properties ranging in prices from $150,000.00 to $27,000,000.00. No property is too big or too small.
Haskins Settlements has been involved in the settlements of office buildings, shopping centres, vacant industrial land, factories, warehouses, development sites and strata properties etc so our experience is wide and varied. 
If the property is tenanted we liaise with the property manager to obtain all information regarding the tenants including assisting in the adjustment of rent, variable outgoings and transfer of any bank guarantees or deposit bonds.
We understand how important it is to provide the Buyer with clear Title by ensuring that all old encumbrances are removed from the Title prior to Settlement. We know and understand the process of removing caveats where the caveator cannot be located or the caveatable claim has ceased. When a tenant is no longer in possession of the property or a registered Lease has expired we can arrange for the leases registered on the Title to be surrendered or removed.
There is no other conveyancer in Perth who is as experienced in all facets of Commercial property settlements, than Valerie Haskins of Haskins Settlements.
Settlements of commercial properties require specialised care so place your commercial conveyancing needs in the very experienced and knowledgeable hands of Haskins Settlements.
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