Handy Hints For Buyers

80% of our clients have used our services before or have been referred to us by satisfied clients. We act for first home buyers; regular investors in real estate and small and large developers who develop land and stratas from Exmouth to Esperance.
20% of our clients are referred to us by real estate agents, bankers and brokers as they know that their clients will receive first class settlement services. Whilst business relationships like this are essential for every business to succeed our relationships are built on mutual professional respect rather than financial gain.
No one in Perth has the knowledge and experience of Haskins Settlements, add in honesty and integrity in our dealings with our clients and you will appreciate why our clients return to use our services again and again and why they recommend others.
Whilst settlement agents are permitted to act for both the buyer and seller in the same transaction we choose not to. This reduces any risk of a conflict of interest arising and ensures that we are able to look after your best interests at all times.
Every property and every client are unique and as such we treat every client as an individual, tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements.
Why not experience the Haskins’ difference the next time you buy or sell and see why 80% of our clients come back time and time again.
So you've found your dream home but before you get too carried away remember to always have a good look at the property before you make an offer.  If you discover at your final inspection a cracked shower screen, the Seller is under no obligation to fix it unless you can prove it was not cracked when you made your offer.  Avoid any last minute hiccups by taking your time to inspect the property thoroughly.
If you discover any items that need repair you have a number of choices:
  • You accept the property as is and make your offer taking into account the cost of the repairs you will have to do at a later date. A special condition should be put on the contract stating that the Buyer is aware that eg the airconditioner does not work.
  • You make your contract conditional upon the item being fixed at least seven days prior to Settlement at the Seller's expense, that way you can check the repairs at your final inspection.
  • You could make your offer subject to quotes being obtained to effect the repairs and for the amount of the quote to be credited to you at Settlement. You then become responsible for doing the repairs.
The Offer and Acceptance Contract
Prior to entering into an Offer and Acceptance Contract we recommend you seek legal and accounting advice to determine which name the property should be purchased in. It is imperative that the Contract clearly show who the Buyer will be. Buyers should be aware that it is illegal to make any amendments to the Contract or destroy it after it has been fully executed. Every Contract is dutiable unless evidence is provided that the Contract was brought to an end due to a non fulfilment of a condition. Please also remember that there are only certain conditions which if not satisfied will result in the contract being brought to an end. When in doubt, please contact us.
For more information on completing the offer and acceptance contract visit our “Writing contracts and special conditions page”.
If you are purchasing the property for your Superannuation Fund or as Trustee for a Family Trust, special care needs to be taken to ensure the Contract is prepared correctly.  In these circumstances we recommend you contact us prior to entering into a Contract so we can advise you.
Fees and Disbursements payable by the Buyer:
  • Our Professional Fee
  • Duty
  • PEXA Fee for electronic settlement
  • Transfer registration fee
  • Search fees
  • Disbursement fees for Verification of Identity, telephone calls, postage, photocopying etc.
  • Bank Cheque fees
  • Rates enquiry fees
  • Strata levy enquiry fees
  • Your proportion of rates, taxes and levies from the Settlement Date to the 30th June
As your Conveyancer what do we do?
  • Upon receipt of the Contract it is checked carefully to ensure all is in order.  A file is created and we will send you an Appointment to Act and Client Authorisation.  Once your contract is unconditional we will order searches; make enquiries with the rating authorities and prepare documents and statements in addition to liaising with all parties in the transaction.  We conduct regular follow ups to make sure everyone is doing what they should including you!!
Overseas and Interstate Buyers, should note:
  • There is no cooling off period
  • There is no “exchange” of contract in WA
  • There are no compulsory Seller disclosure requirements in WA except for the sale of Strata Lots.
  • Contracts in WA are usually completed by the Real Estate Agent, signed by the Buyer and then presented to the Seller for acceptance.  Once the Seller has accepted the offer the contract is “exchanged”.
  • It is considered prudent to allow additional time for Settlement, as documents will need to be sent to you for execution.
  • For overseas buyers take care when completing your details on the Contract
  • Please also refer to the sub menu "Verification of Identity VOI" for further information on identity and witnessing requirements when executing documents overseas.
Please contact us for a complimentary copy of the Buyer's Guide which provides information on the purchase and settlement of property in WA.