Other services we provide.

Most people associate conveyancers or settlement agents with sale and purchase settlements however here at Haskins we do more, much more.


If you are an Executor and need to update a Title into your name and/or transfer property to a beneficiary, we can help you.  Fees start at $550.00 plus disbursements.

Powers of Attorney

If you have been appointed a Power of Attorney for a loved one and need to lodge the Enduring Power of Attorney document at Landgate, we can help.  Fees start at $220.00 plus disbursements.

Trustees of Super Funds or Family Trusts

Need to transfer property to a beneficiary of the Trust – look no further than Haskins.  There are various duty implications when transferring property to beneficiaries of a Trust and here at Haskins we ensure our knowledge is kept up to date with the Office of State Revenue rules and information requirements.  Fees start at $880.00 plus disbursements.


Here at Haskins we have many years of experience in property development from small two lot schemes to larger 20 to 30 lot schemes.  Our expertise can be used to guide you through the process to obtaining Titles. What used to be a simple and straight forward process is now mired with regulation and conditions and for the first or even the most experienced developer, this can be a confusing and time consuming task.  Call us for a quote to assist you in this process and see how we can take some of the pressure off.  Having Haskins on your real estate team entitles you to access to our years of knowledge and expertise.  Call us today.  Fees vary, please contact us for a quote.

Real Estate Agents/Finance Brokers

Did you know that Valerie has delivered many seminars to real estate agents, conveyancers, property investors and retiree groups?  Need a refresher on the finer points of GST or completing a contract? Have a few questions about the settlement process?  Need advice on a special condition or the Joint Form of General Conditions?  Call us today to discuss your query and/or to arrange for Valerie and Alana to attend at your office to either present a session to your staff or simply be there to answer those questions at your next sales meeting.  Having Haskins as part of your team will give you access to our vast knowledge and expertise.

Lost your Title?

If you own your property outright we recommend you look for your Title and put it somewhere safe.  If you cannot find it, contact us to obtain a quote for us to apply for a replacement Title.  This process used to take forever but now we can have your documents prepared, signed, lodged and a replacement title issued just over a month.  Fees start at $550.00 plus disbursements.

Family matters aka related party matters

Transferring property to a family member

If you wish to transfer a property to a family member we can advise you on things to consider including duty implications.  Transferring property to a related person is more involved than purchasing from a third party.  Before you make any decision, contact us.  Fees start at $550.00 per party plus disbursements.

Recently separated/divorced?

Need to implement Family Court orders relating to property – we can help.  Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.  Fees start at $770.00 plus disbursements.

Recently bereaved

Need to update your title into your name as the Surviving owner?  Contact Haskins to assist you through this process and to discuss other matters you may need to consider.  Fees start at $550.00 plus disbursements.


As you can see Haskins is more than “just” another conveyancer.

Appoint Haskins Settlements and Conveyancing Services  to your real estate team and benefit from our extensive expertise and knowledge.

“A thing of worth is what it can do for you, not what you choose to pay for it.”   John Ruskin

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