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Most people associate conveyancers or settlement agents with sale and purchase settlements however here at Haskins we do more, much more.ExecutorsIf you are an Executor and need to update a Title into your name and/or transfer property to a beneficiary, we can help you.  Fees start at $550.00... Read More

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GST Withholding aka GST at Settlement

Given the confusion already in the real estate and settlement professions I for one do not want to add to that, so here’s my take using the KISS principle:How it worksThe new requirements to disclose only apply to residential property including residential vacant landEvery seller must provide... Read More

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Since June 2014 we have been able to effect settlements electronically.  In 2017 Landgate set a date of the 1st May 2018 to mandate that all eligible transactions be lodged electronically however due to pressure from some sections of the profession this date has been moved to December 2018 so... Read More

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Clearance CertificatesAustralian Residents If the property you are selling is over $750,000.00 you are required to apply to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for a clearance certificate.  Clearance certificates will only be issued to Australian Residents and are usually issued within 24 to 48 hours... Read More

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