Handy Hints For Sellers

So the property is sold what next?

Upon receipt of the Contract we will check to make sure all is in order and send you an Appointment to Act. We monitor the conditions on the contract and follow up to make sure conditions are satisfied by the due date.  All information we become aware of is communicated to you.
Once the special conditions are satisfied we will obtain Title searches and send you a preliminary settlement statement and liaise with your Bank. Further statements are sent to you once we receive the rating information.
As soon as the Transfer of Land document is received from the Buyer's Conveyancer, it will be sent to you for execution. This document must be signed and witnessed correctly and returned as soon as possible to avoid any delays in Settlement.
As your conveyancer we keep everything together and make sure everyone is doing what they should when they should including you!!

Overseas and Interstate Sellers should note:

  • There is no cooling off provision in Western Australia
  • There are no compulsory Seller Disclosures in Western Australia (other than for the sale of Strata Properties)
  • Depending on your location additional time should be allowed to enable documents to be sent to you where you are.  Not all documents can be scanned and emailed or faxed; some documentation is required to be signed in original format.
  • Provide us with all your contact details including email, to facilitate easier communication
  • If you plan to go away during the settlement period, please advise us immediately of your plans so we can ensure you sign all documentation prior to your departure or immediately upon your return

Things you need to consider when selling:

  • Find out the total cost of selling your home, please refer to ourcalculator page to establish your conveyancing fees or contact us for a full written quote that can be emailed or faxed to you.
  • Selling your home privately or just interested in how a Contract is prepared – visit our Writing Contracts and special conditions page
  • Selling a strata property – need to know the facts about Strata Disclosure? Visit our Strata Disclosure the Truth page
  • Strata terminology a tad confusing? Visit Common Strata Terms for a plain English version of these terms.
  • Does GST affect you in the sale of the property? See GST page for more information
  • Have you undertaken any renovations to the property for a value of $20,000 or more and if so do you have records of any Housing Indemnity Insurance? Refer to the article on Housing Indemnity Insurance located on the Downloads Page – Real Estate and other advice
  • Did you obtain council approval to these improvements? If not contact your local council to establish what is involved in resolving this and start the process now.
  • Were the renovations undertaken by you as an owner/builder and if so get Housing Indemnity Insurance put in place. Do you need Minister's consent to sell?
  • Are there any items you may want to remove from the house at Settlement? Tell your agent and make sure they are listed on the Contract.
  • Is the property tenanted? Will the tenant remain? If yes, ensure a condition is placed on the Contract that the property is sold subject to the existing tenancy. See our Commercial Page – tenanted properties for more information.
  • Do you know where the title is? Find it!! If the Title cannot be located contact us and for a fee we can apply for a new title.
  • If the property is a strata comprising of 5 or less lots check to see if you have joint or separate building insurance. If you have joint insurance and/or strata levies provide a copy of the policy and levy details to your agent and to us.