First Home Buyers

At Haskins we understand that the first time you buy a home can be a confusing and stressful time, so much paperwork and so many questions you have no idea where to begin. 

We recommend that you establish a relationship with a conveyancer before you buy, as we can provide you with a huge amount of advice on the process, timeframes and help guide you through the process from purchase to settlement. Our role is to assist you and answer any queries you have as well as making sure everyone is doing what they should when they should, including you. Having a conveyancer and a broker/banker who is patient and understanding and who doesn’t mind you ringing twice or ten times a day, will alleviate some of the stress that most first home buyers experience.

To make the process easier for you, we have made a special effort to provide as much information as possible on our website so that you can access this information at a time that is convenient to you. We hope that by accessing this information you will feel more confident when you take that step to purchasing your first home. Our aim is to educate and empower you and if your specific query is not covered on our website please contact us and one of our very helpful, patient and understanding conveyancers will assist you.

As with any situation we face with uncertainty the more knowledge and advice you receive, the more confident you will be in your dealings with others.

As a first time homebuyer it is a great idea to undertake as much research as possible before entering into a Contract and this where the World Wide Web can assist you, including this website.

We suggest you also visit the following pages for more valuable information: 


Before looking at any properties you should obtain written quotes from your Banker/Broker and conveyancer confirming all the costs associated with buying a home. In addition you should budget for the cost of a Building Inspection Report or Termite Inspection Report and insurance.

Be realistic and buy within your budget, if the floor plan and area are just what you are looking for, look beyond the cosmetic things such as colour schemes you do not like or an untidy garden, after all you can change these for little cost whilst adding value to your home.

Whilst you must be over the age of 18 to apply for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) you are never too old to be a First Home Owner.   In addition to the FHOG you may find that you also qualify for the Homebuyers Assistance Fund, Duty Exemptions or Concessional rates of Duty. So whether you are 23 or 63, these schemes are available to all providing you satisfy the relevant criteria.

For information on the FHOG or Duty rebates check out the Office of State Revenue (OSR) website at www.osr.wa.gov.au   

Properties under $500,000.00 bought by First Home Buyers are exempt from duty. Properties between $500,001 and $600,000.00 are exempt on the first $500,000.00 with the remainder being liable for duty at the rate of $22.51 per $100.00 so a property purchased for $600,000.00 will incur duty of $22510.00.

There are no duty exemptions or concessions for First Home Buyers who purchase properties over $600,000.00. The duty will be assessed on the standard residential rate. 

When deciding on the amount of deposit to pay with your Offer, remember to leave sufficient funds in your account to cover any duty liability.

In addition to the First Home Owners Grant Scheme, the Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board (“REBA”) also administer the Home Buyers Assistance Scheme which provides grants of up to $2,000.00 towards the costs incurred in buying your first home. Go to www.reba.wa.gov.au for more information and eligibility criteria.

When buying your first home you need the services of a patient, understanding and available conveyancer. Look no further than Haskins Settlements to lighten the load and be there to look after you every step of the way.

Please remember the following two very important matters regarding the First Home Owners Grant. 

  • If you do not qualify for the First Home Owners Grant you will not qualify for the First Home Owners Duty exemption or concession.
  • Every FHOG application is investigated within twelve months from the date the Grant is either approved or paid.   Applicants that have failed to meet the strict requirements for approval have had to repay the Grant and in some instances also pay interest. If in any doubt as to whether you qualify for FHOG contact the OSR for further information and advice.