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Has the world gone mad?

I hadnt intended to blog quite this often but today's West did my head in.  I wont go near the front page real estate doom and gloom, but  further in two stories stopped me in my tracks, how can someone go from $150k a year for what appears to be six years and end up with nothing.  Is it just me or did the world stop at some stage and let me off?  Surely I cant be the only one who thought the economy could not possibly sustain that sort of boom and those earnings forever.  What would possess you not to put some money away for a rainy day especially when you have kids and please dont tell me he thought it would go on forever, surely nobody is that silly.  And then we move onto Jane Rutter taking on Brookland Valley Estate over the use of some sheet music and whilst I can understand the whole issue of copyright, maybe just maybe, the wine is popular because people like it, not because it has her sheet music on it.  Hands up those of you who associate Brookland Valley Estate wines with Jane Rutter???? I've left the whole Roberts dirty laundry alone, that's just embarassing and as for Warren Mead I never thought fish and chips were ever worth more than $15.00.  Enjoy your weekend. Valeriex


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