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Bankers and Brokers get with the program!!

Every day this week we have been battling with Bankers and Brokers and the incompetence and outright lies are unbelievable.  It's about time these professionals did their job properly and stopped fibbing actually I'm being nice, stopped lying and started admitting when they have stuffed up and instead of blaming others they should get on with fixing up the mess they have created.  Don't tell me about policy or missing documents or the big banks dont like brokers, I'm not really interested when the fault is yours but you dont want to accept it.  Dont get me wrong a lot of brokers and bankers do a terrific job and you know who you are and Carol and I are now devising a way to clone you, so we can remove the errant ones completely from the face of the earth.  Hmmm guess by now you have figured out how peeved I am about this, a feeling you will share if your client had to run around and get an overdraft arranged to cover the $14k grant and a $17k duty liability all because their banker hadnt lodged the FHOG application on time.  Or the banker that claimed the bank (yep that one) doesnt do bank to bank internet transfers and further told me that a Bank cheque was cleared funds and even if it wasnt why didnt I just use other money in my Trust Account to cover the balance of purchase price - I'm still having palpitations over that comment. Or the First Home Buyer who has now drained his account of savings to cover the Grant amount and is on tender hooks as I type this, waiting to confirm that FHOG has been approved so I can stamp his documents as he has no other monies left to pay his duty liability of $13k.  If it doesnt settle today they are on penalties in addition to interest on the loan they had to draw down in order to settle today and they have no money left to buy food!!  I think I'll change from the Font to the Rant as it may take some time to get passed these events, every day brings me a new pillock that I have to deal with and it's getting a tad frustrating and dont get me started on those in my own profession, had enough of those too!! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.....................................The Rant.


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