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Housing Shortfall - any solutions?

Now we hear (though I'm sure it's been said before) that we are heading for a "dire housing shortage" which it appears cannot be fixed readily as our construction costs are too high.  News like this could stimulate the real estate market however we dont want to return to the price wars of the boom where prices spiralled upwards out of control at ridiculous rates.  So what's the solution?  Is it possible to provide affordable housing to all?  Who's to blame for the shortage? The Government? The developers? The builders? Let's stop the blame game isnt it time that Govt got together with all parties to create a solution that would stimulate the economy, provide jobs and housing at prices that not only provide a return for investors but are affordable.  Your thoughts please.......................Valeriex


So -- what would happen if tax breaks were given for more efficient space usage in homes? By this I mean a single person moving into a 1-2 bedroom place gets maybe some sort of a tax break (or another reward) that they wouldn't get for moving into a McMansion. A large family could move into a large home for the same reward - as long as it's still not a massive mismatch between number of people and rooms. The advantage of this would mean when you start having babies you would automatically want to upgrade - it's in your interest to find somewhere bigger, freeing up your home for the singles and DINK couples, and generally shifting housing stock; people who need big homes wouldn't be priced out of the market by those not needing them. A whole new market might spring up for large bedroomed small homes. Developers would get a clue and start providing something smaller than 4x2 homes. It might be a crazy, unworkable thought but I am beyond incredulous at visiting single friends and couples in expensive, cavernous monstrosities which must cost the earth to power and could house an entire football club. Sheryl-Lee
31/03/2009 1:38:00 PM

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