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Cross walk Coppers armed and at the ready in Subiaco

I know this has nothing to do with real estate but thought you might like a little light relief.  Today like every other day I drove past the Subiaco Primary School where the cross walk has been personned by two police officers for the last couple of weeks. Today the officers were in full regalia, you know the belt that contains everything including possibly a pepper spray and baton.  Both were armed with guns, one strapped to the upper thigh.  Honestly I've seen the parents that drop off at that school and a nicer group of people you couldnt wish to meet, the only dangerous thing about them is the way they park and then move their urban assault vehicles into the road so why then do our police officers feel the need to arm themselves to the back teeth to assist the littlies cross the street when in the past a lolly pop person with a flag and a smile was all the security they needed?


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