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I'm perplexed - I have a high profile, great web presence, write useful articles on a variety of subjects in a variety of mediums, I deliver papers at conferences, provide advice to all and sundry and am constantly going the extra mile, why is it then that you are not all beating a path to my door to use our superior conveyancing services? My quotes are always commensurate with the level of service we provide and whilst we know we are not the cheapest we are the best and we provide value for money.  We are exceptionally fortunate to have a very loyal and extensive client base who are more than happy to sing our praises and do so often!! I believe in doing things the right way and not the easy way, I compete on service and knowledge not on price but it just doesnt seem to be enough.  As with any business we need to continually increase our client base but what more can I do to secure new clients?  Any ideas?


You'll all be pleased to know that I am finally on Facebook, so will be interesting to see how this works for business. Have figured out there are just not enough hours in the day for work AND Facebook and can now see why so many employers block it on work computers. It's addictive. Valeriex Valerie
20/03/2009 4:48:00 PM
Thanks John and Charlie for the feedback. I agree not all business is good business so not a flippant remark at all, I just think I'm deserving of more work than we are getting. I'm going to sign up for the social media bootcamp aussiehome.com are running and will be spending this weekend checking out Facebook and Twitter - wish me luck.... Valeriex Valerie
12/03/2009 11:32:00 AM
Charlie's right. I only know about this site because I know you and Steve, and I'm not about to sell or buy in the near future.
Imagine using Twitter to announce every time you settle. You could issue a statement like "Another property Settled - $670,000 in Maylands. Customer ecstatic. Deal done in 34 days." Using advertising, maybe in Facebook or other publications, you invite people to follow your Twitter - tell them they can monitor Settlements in REAL TIME, and that one of them could be theirs.
John Townsend
6/03/2009 3:31:00 PM
IN 2 words - SOCIAL MEDIA - it's phenomenally strong - more people on Facebook over 40 than under 18. 400,000 in FB in Perth alone. I used to think it was all 'bunk' - now I'm a convert. Blogs (which you're doing), but do you have a Facebook group, do you do Facebook ads (amazingly targetted and effective), RSS feeds (out and in), do you Twitter? (don't titter, it's powerful)?

- just a few random thoughts.

Another way of answering is - not all business is good business, you can't grab all the business. But that's quite flippant. Sorry about that.
6/03/2009 12:59:00 PM

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