Haskins Settlements and Conveyancing Services commenced business on the 1st November 1986.  We specialise in all areas of property conveyancing and pride ourselves on providing a professional, personalised and prompt service to all clients. 

Frederick Sawyer is quoted as saying “A Contract is an agreement that is binding on the weaker party”. By nominating Haskins Settlements as your conveyancer you can be sure that we will look after your best interests at all times and ensure that you are not the “weaker party”.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and requirements and to obtain a no obligation, free written quote which can be emailed, faxed or posted to you.

Haskins n:

Hard working,
Always available,
Specialised in all areas of conveyancing,
Knowledgeable and experienced,
Industry Leaders,
Nice people,
Superior service
(Valerie’s creative mind)

Settlements n: the act or process of settling or of settling something
(Penguin English Dictionary)
Conveyancer n:  a person who prepares documents by which rights
to property are transferred (Penguin English Dictionary) also known
as a Settlement Agent
Settlement Agent n: Conveyancer